DVD - 3GM 2

3GM2 brings you more of the experience and know-how of three of the top Grand Masters in the sport today: Max Michel, Saul Kirsch, and Angus Hobdell. They are back in this sequel, to teach you the more advanced technical skills, including target transitions, kneeling and prone positions, shooting around barricades, strong and weak hand shooting, shooting on the move and shooting swingers.

This production highlights the differences between the techniques used by these champions. For added interest, Max coaches with a Standard gun, Saul uses his Open STI, and Angus displays his skills with his Production CZ.


DVD - The 2009 Med-Cup

After a two year absence the Med-Cup Championships is back on the annual schedule – to the joy of many!

The 2009 Med-Cup, many agree, was the best ever! Top-class stage design offered a challenge and multiple options on all the 24 stages of the match. Almost 500 rounds (over 20 rounds average per stage) ensured that everyone enjoyed lots of shooting.


DVD - World Shoot XV - Bali 2008

World Shoot XV attracted over 1,000 of the best and most enthusiastic Practical Pistol shooters in the world to magnificent Bali, Indonesia, to compete in this most prestigious of competitions. Contestants from over 50 Nations were there – and what a great event it was!

In this DVD you get a front row seat to all the action and excitement of World Shoot XV. Experience all the 35 stages of the match through multiple camera angles, including a new hi-res hat cam (“driven” by Saul Kirsch). Follow the stage by stage commentary, as you watch the top shooters in all divisions battle it out for a spot on the podium.

Enjoy the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and of course all the thrilling action of the Top 8 Shoot-Off in all divisions. This DVD also includes all the individual results and stage winners.



3GM brings you the experience and know-how of three of the top Grand Masters in the sport today: Max Michel, Saul Kirsch, and Angus Hobdell. Each shares with the viewer his technique in topics like stance and balance, recoil control, accuracy, the draw, specialty draws, reloads, and transition between positions. 
This production highlight the differences between techniques used by these champions. Each was filmed separately, in different locations. Watch, learn, and choose which technique works best for you. For added interest, Max coaches with a Stamdard gun, Saul uses his Open STI, and Angus displays his skills with his Production CZ. 


DVD - Practical Shooting Handgun Techniques

Matt Burkett, Brian Enos, Don Golembieski. DVD, 2-disk set.

Matt teaches the advanced techniques that can improve your skills and opportunity for success in IDPA and IPSC competition. Action-filled chapters place emphasis on stance, setup, sighting, trigger control, eye dominance, strong-and weak-hand, draws, reloads, trigger control and much more.

Brian Enos shares information about sighting, cross-dominance and shooting fundamentals. Gunsmith Don Golembieski explains equipment selection and maintenance.


DVD - 2007 Desert Classic

The Desert Classic is held every year at the Rio Slado Sportsmans Club. Watch leading European Open shooters Christian Wilda and Saul Kirsch battle it out with Joe Bridgman, Nick Saiti, Don Golembieski and other top Open competitors. Get into the action with Henning Wallgren, Taran Butler, Michael Voigt and the other Limited Supers. And share in the tight competition at the top of the Production division.

As a bonus section in this production, Saul offers a detailed tactical analysis of the six most interesting stages, interpreting each position and explaining the whys and hows of each stage.


DVD - Tactics of the 2007 Open & L10 National Championships

The USPSA National Championships are always amongst the most interesting and challenging competitions on the annual calendar.

Angus Hobdell and Saul Kirsch together bring over 30 years of Practical Pistol Shooting knowledge and skill. They join forces to analyze the stages of this year’s Open and L10 Nationals, and to teach you better Tactics.

The instruction and comments are of benefit to all shooters and the DVD includes shooting footage of Saul and Angus as well as Max Michel, JJ Racaza, Robert Leatham, Todd Jarrett, and others.


DVD - 2006 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals

The 2006 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals attracted the best shooters from across the country. This DVD follows the shooters of Squad One, which included the top competitors in both the Open and Tactical Divisions. See Michael Voight, Jerry Miculek, and Matt Burkett battle it out with pistol, shotgun and rifle and the skill and speed of the Tactical division superstars, Taran Butler, Bennie Coolley and Barry Dueck. 
80 minutes of action packed Multi-Gun competition, filmed and edited by professional shooter Saul Kirsch, who gives his insight and tactical analysis of the stages shot. Includes hat-cam action shot by Chris Tilley, as well as interviews, scores and stages results.


DVD - 2006 MED CUP Championships

The 2006 Med Cup Championships was the biggest and probably the best match of the year in Europe. Over 400 shooters from more than 30 nations competed in the 24 challenging stages. An action packed DVD, running over 75 minutes! As many as 4 camera angles on the big stages, commentary and tactics explained by Saul Kirsch, professional editing and real-time scores included.


DVD - World shoot XIV

The triennial World Shoot is the ultimate testing-ground for IPSC champions. World Shoot XIV was held in 2005 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
This 2-disc DVD brings you 3 hours of IPSC action with expert commentary by Saul Kirsch as the competitors are followed through the 36 stages of the match. See the scores, learn the winners' names, and hear interviews with some of the top shooters. Join in the Opening and Closing ceremonies, and take your front-row seat at the top-8 Shoot-Off in all divisions.  
Multiple camera angles give you an unparalleled view of the shooting, and our spectacular new hat-cam brings you images never before seen by spectators. Join Saul behind his racegun for a real-time fullspeed view of the action.

SALE PRICE $20  (2 DVD's)



by J. Michael Plaxco

Written by one of the most consistent winners of world-class shooting events. Explains how to take command of your actions and progress beyond any self-imposed limitations.  
Easy-reading style teaches the personal psychology and close, self-examination methods needed to determine, analyze, and find the answers to your shooting problems. Shows you the "tricks of the trade" and genuine short cuts to avoid learning everything the hard way. 

203 pages. 6" x 9". Softbound. 150 photos and illustrations.  



by Saul Kirsch

Perfect Practice is Saul Kirsch’s first book and the ideal guide to quality IPSC training.  
Created from Saul’s own personal practice know-how, over 50 carefully crafted practice drills ensure you acquire all the knowledge, tips and skills necessary to excel.  
Topics include:

  • Accuracy and recoil control
  • Calling your shots
  • Improving your draw
  • Reloads
  • Shooting position transitions
  • Barricades
  • Shooting on the move
  • swingers, and more

Each topic contains detailed insights into the attitudes and techniques critical to success. Each drill is explained in depth - how to shoot, what you learn and how to keep track of your progress and learning curve.



by Steve Anderson

Anderson' s book is a "one of kind" because it focuses it's attention solely on the realm of Dry -Fire practice. All the drills are geared towards practicing at home, without ammo, to improve and refine your shooting skills. 

  • 37 practice drills,  with follow-up charts
  • 100 pages
  • 21 x 28 cm, spiral bound.



by Steve Anderson

Principles of Performance is the logical continuation of Steve Anderson's first book, Refinement and Repetition. It follows Steve's progression from a shooter who was driven to be Ohio's first USPSA Grand Master to a shooter who wanted better, more consistent match performance.

The new book places a heavy emphasis on match consistency and the mental qualities required for solid USPSA match performance. It is designed to take a good shooter with sound fundamentals and basic skills to a place where he can better utilize those basic skills in the world of high-stress competition.

It also covers all the common mistakes, as well as their solutions. Most shooters will recognize themselves in the "Common Mistake" portion of the book, thereby gaining the means to identify a simple solution to every problem.



by Saul Kirsch

In this, his second book, Saul shares with his readers 20 years of competition experience and know-how. His unique background, first as an Olympic rifle shooter and then as a Practical shooting competitor, gives him a profound understanding of the key elements required to excel under the pressure of competition.  
Topics include: 

  • The basic elements of IPSC
  • Accuracy and recoil control
  • Understanding IPSC scoring
  • The mental process of performance
  • The champion's attitude
  • Visualization techniques
  • Mental games played
  • Goal setting and training programs
  • The shooting diary
  • Match preparation
  • Physical training for IPSC
  • Match day nutrition
  • Preparing your gear for competition
  • Stage Tactics and match tactics 

Each topic contains detailed insights into the attitudes and techniques critical to success. Each drill is explained in depth - how to shoot, what you learn and how to keep track of your progress and learning curve.  


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